This workshop provides a solid foundation in how blockchain is being applied in the Real Estate sector and how your company could increase your market shares. The Regulatory environment is in a state of flux as regulators come to terms understand the impacts of blockchain on the sector.
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Kursens längd

3 – dagars  Intensiv Workshop
08:30 – 16:30 Tisd -Torsd
Välkomstpaket, frukost, kaffe och lunch ingår.

Viktiga datum

Sista ansökninigsdagen 15 jan

Start:      26 jan 2020
Slut:       28 jan 2020
Pris:       36 500kr exkl. moms

Kursansvarig & Kursledare


Marcus med sin bakgrund som direktör för UNESCO Biosphere,  att dela med sig fördelar med tydliga blockchain planer. Huvudlärare i Business, Management och Strategier inom blockchain. 


Smarta kontrakt applicerade i blockchain, med en bakgrund inom bank och finans kommer  Curtis ta oss igenom hur andra företag använder blockchain med stor framgång.

Kursen innehåller

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Ibland löser sig det mesta efter ett samtal med oss. Vi ser över dina behov och rekommenderar rätt utbildning för dig eller ditt företag.

Applied Blockchain in Real Estate

About the workshop

In this workshop, you will learn the foundations of the blockchain and how it is being applied in the Real Estate Sector.  We will cover the application of Smart Contracts and the role of blockchain in KYC and AML regulation. You will also learn the basics of cryptocurrency, crypto exchanges, and how to use a cryptocurrency wallet. We will explore the possibilities of  Multiple Listing Market Places, Property Development, Property Financing, Tokenization, and Fractionalising of property investments, Property Management, and the uptake of cryptocurrency in the sector.  Remember… it is all about value creation and delivery!

For whom

Real Estate Professionals ready to explore the use of blockchain in their business, and how to take their company to a new level through practical examples and activities.

  • Basic knowledge of the Real Estate market
  • Basic knowledge of Real Estate transactions
  • Basic knowledge of Real Estate evaluation
  • Basic knowledge of Real Estate property regulations
Workshop Objectives
  • Learn the basics of the blockchain technology
  • Learn how the blockchain applies to the real estate sector
  • Learn about the use of smart contracts
  • Learn about the token economy
  • Learn about cryptocurrency exchange
  • Learn about wallets and exchanges in practice
  • Understand Regulatory Environments

This is what you walk away with:

  • Understanding Multiple Listing Market Places
  • Understanding of Property Development in the blockchain
  • Understanding of Token Economy and Property Financing
  • Understanding of Fractionalising of property investments 
  • Understanding Property Management and the uptake of cryptocurrency in the sector. 
Workshop Topics
  • The Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Token Economy
  • Fractionalizing Properties
  • Smart Contracts in Real Estate
  • Blockchain Applied in the Real Estate

Workshop Curriculum


This section outlines the history and fundamentals of blockchain, taking a look at how transparency/traceability, immutability, efficiency, and security, on the blockchain, are all going to significantly disrupt the Real Estate Industry.


Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the platforms where tokens and cryptocurrencies can be exchanged.  In the section of the course, you will gain experience by going through the process of setting up an exchange account for yourself.


Tokens, as an application of blockchain, are proving to be as revolutionary as the emergence of the World Wide Web as an application of the internet. This section will cover the three main (among many) types of tokens. And how they map to applications of blockchain in real estate.


This unit explores 6 ways blockchain has already and will continue to change real-estate. Including the tokenization of assets, smart contracts, KYC, and AML regulations will allow many current transactions to be conducted online, in a secure and transparent way. 


Learn the function of a smart contract and how disintermediation of many current roles within real estate, can be achieved using this particular application of blockchain technology. Including but not limited to: records and titles, conveyancing, legal verification of identity and ownership, brokers, and financial entities/funding.


Blockchain technology differs from other technologies because it can affect the monetary and recording aspects of business transactions, as such, the regulatory environment is moving fast, to keep up with the technology and ensure an orderly marketplace. Get a grasp of current and potential regulations in the Real Estate industry.

During the Workshop
  • 1 Topic quizzes
  • Practical tasks
  • Practical Business Cases Overviews

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