Decentralized Finance, short DeFi has become one of the biggest opportunities for Blockchain mass adoption. It enables the creation of a financial system without middlemen and beyond national borders.
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Kursens längd

7 veckor  Intensiv Introduktionskurs
08:30 – 16:30 Måndag & Fredag
Välkomstpaket, frukost, kaffe och lunch ingår.

Viktiga datum

Sista ansökninigsdagen 15 jan

Start:      26 januari 2020
Slut:       09 mars 2020
Pris:       54 800kr exkl. moms

Kursansvarig & Kursledare

Felix Mago

Entreprenör, författare och expert inom decentraliserad finans. Grundare till Dash Next och undervisar om blockchain på UCLA. 

Maddox R. Burhall

Blockchain Entreprenör, Bitcoinista, expert på blockchain och DLT’s. Grundare till World Cryptonomic Foundation. 

Kursen innehåller

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Decentralized Finance Introduction

About the course:
Decentralized Finance is disrupting the traditional banking and financial industry. It enables a financial system without middlemen and beyond national borders. This course will give an overview of different areas DeFi can be applied, shows use cases, explains the concept of decentralized Organizations (DAOs), and shows new ways to raise funds from investors. The content is tailored for students of business, finance, and technology.


  • Basic knowledge of Blockchain required
  • Basic knowledge of the Blockchain ecosystems

Education Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of decentralized finance
  • Learn about different products, applications, and the ecosystem
  • Understand the difference between centralized and decentralized finance
  • Learn about the regulatory framework and obstacles
  • Learn how decentralized markets and exchanges work
  • Understand the concept of decentralized organization and governance
  • Understand the specifics of DeFi fundraising

After this course, you’re skilled to work as:

  • Product manager
  • Project Manager
  • Blockchain & Technology Consultant
  • ICO/ STO/ IEO consultant
  • Business Development Professional

This is what you’ll walk away with:

  • Knowledge about the DeFi ecosystem
  • Knowledge about how to create DeFi products & applications
  • Understanding how to use DeFi products & applications
  • A deeper understanding of the regulatory framework
  • Understanding how decentralized organizations (DAOs) works

During Course
6 practical tasks and presentations.
8 x 3,5 hrs of tutorials 


  • Overview of the DeFi ecosystem
  • Decentralized Organizations (DAOs) and decentralized governance
  • Regulatory framework and challenges
  • DeFi products and applications
  • Fundraising in Defi

Course Curriculum:


Introduction into the history of DeFi and recent developments


Overview of the various DeFi areas such as lending, borrowing, staking, insurance, payments


Introduction into decentralized organizations, new forms of work, organizational decision making, global ownerless companies, and power distribution in the Web 3.0 economy.

How to setup ownerless companies, responsibilities of decentral code on the Blockchain, regulations of different countries and jurisdictions


Automated market-making, liquidity pools, yield farming, front running, flash loans, DEX


Specifics on decentral projects, how to plan them, red flags, best practices

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