Blockchain & Tokenized Fundraising

Fundraising on traditional channels (VC or IPO) is a time and labor-intensive task for most entrepreneurs and even organizations. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology have given birth to new opportunities to attract investors and to execute fundraising. This workshop will introduce different ways in which company assets can be tokenized and sold to various investor groups. Focusing on best practices, participants will learn how to maximize the success of a tokenized fundraising  

For whom?
Blockchain and tokenized fundraising is a workshop for business professionals with prior knowledge about Blockchain technology. An insight into new possibilities of fundraising.


  • Basic knowledge of Blockchain required
  • Basic knowledge of the Blockchain ecosystems

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn about traditional vs. tokenized fundraising
  • Understand token economic models
  • Learn about different ways of tokenized fundraising
  • Know about existing use cases and best practices
  • Learn how to plan a professional  fundraising
  • Learn how to approach investors
  • Legal and regulatory implications of tokenized fundraising

You walk away with:

  • Understanding of how to plan and lead token-based fundraising projects
  • Understanding of how to create investor info and pitch decks for a fundraising
  • The ability to identify different fundraising strategies
  • Understanding the token economy models

Topics in this workshop are:

  • What is an ICO/STO/DEO and why is it so important?
  • Token, token economics and network effects
  • Legal setup and regulatory framework
  • Market trends and Good vs. Bad projects
  • How to do a token raise
  • Investor outreach and community involvement


3 – day workshop
Starts at 08.30 – 16:30 Tuesday – Thursday
Lunch at 12:00 – 13:00
Includes coffee, lunch, snacks, and a welcome kit.

Price: 35900kr

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